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We are pleased to be teaming up with Bevo Tuning, Go Motorsport and the Exeter Motor Club to bring you a new and improved Autosolo at this years Southwest Autosport.

We welcome anyone to take part in this event and it only costs £10 per person which will give you 3 timed runs and your fastest time will be collected and entered in to the competition, the winner of each category will be announced later on in the show and will receive a trophy as a prize. We will be setting the competition in to three different categories, which will be FWD (front Wheel Drive), RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) and 4WD (4 Wheel Drive).

Autosolo - £10.00 Each

PLEASE NOTE: passes are non refundable, your pass will be sent to you 1 week proir to the event, if your pass doesnt arrive then please bring your confirmation email to confirm your booking. You will still need to purchase an entry ticket to the show to take part in the Autosolo.

What is an Autosolo?

An Autosolo is a non-specialist, skill-based competition enjoyable for both novices and experienced competitors. Primarily about car control, it involves a series of short-timed, all-forward courses run on a hard surface; in which the driver must complete a course as smoothly and quickly as possible. While this may seem complicated, the course isn’t a test of memory. The routes are clearly marked out and the “gates” are numbered. This leaves you, the driver, to concentrate on achieving your best time. However, if the wrong route is driven or any markers are hit or “gates” missed out then penalties will be added to your final score total. You enter at your own risk.

Autosolo The Track

Our Track

What Kind of car can i use?

This is the real beauty of an Autosolo. Any road legal car can be used. As the cars have to be driven to the event, cars must be taxed, insured and have an MOT certificate. Therefore you can compete in your car on the Sunday and still drive to work in it on the Monday. As the emphasis is on car control rather than outright speed, you’d have to be doing something silly to damage the car substantially. If you’ve watched any Autosolo before, competitors have favoured smaller hatchbacks, but even larger cars will be able to negotiate the course.

What if im under 18?

Almost anyone can enter an Autosolo. You don’t even need a road traffic license. Events are generally open to all drivers aged 16 and over. However, for drivers that are under-17 there are certain restrictions: an adult must accompany the driver; the car must have four seats and the engine must not exceed 1600cc or have a turbo or supercharger.

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