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Whats your performance?

Interested in knowing what your cars true performance is? Southwest Autosport has teamed up with FD Tuning & Fabrication to bring a mobile 2WD Rolling Road to the show!

A chassis dynamometer, also known as a rolling road facility, measures the power sent to the drive roller from the wheels. Once parked on the rollers, the car turns them while the power output is measured.

Rolling Road - £30.00 A RUN

Their dyno can run up to 1200 horsepower at the wheels, giving us the ability to test cars, trucks, RVs, go karts, quad bikes and motorcycles. They can measure HP, torque time and tractive effort RPM among other aspects. This gives you more clarity on the power of your vehicle and is the perfect way to demonstrate how your car has performing, or maybe not performing.

flowdynamics Rolling road

Rolling Road


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