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Terms and conditions

  1. The signing of a booking form constitutes acceptance of the rules and conditions of the event organisers SW Event Services Ltd by the trader/exhibitor in respect of the trade/exhibitor space at Southwest Autosport 2019 show.
  2. Trade/exhibitor bookings will not be accepted unless accompanied by a completed booking with the appropriate booking fee. Trader/exhibitor stands must be paid in full before traders/exhibitors will be allowed onto the event field.
  3. The sub-letting of all or part of a stand by a trader exhibitor is expressly forbidden, unless authorised by the event organisers in writing before the event.
  4. Trade/exhibitor entry to the event is by ticket and vehicle pass only. These will be sent out approximately 2 weeks prior to the event.
  5. Traders/exhibitors may commence erecting their stands from Friday prior to the show, please contactSW Event Services Ltd for confirmation, unless special arrangements have been made with the organisers. NOTE: there is no overnight security at the show ground on the Sunday night. Sites must be cleared by midday Monday 13th May.
  6. All trade booking forms must be completed with an accurate description of goods being sold or exhibited.
  7. Any dancers, models or performers that trade/exhibitors provide as part of their trade/exhibitor stand should not perform any sexual, explicit or lewd act.
  8. Traders/exhibitors must not under any circumstances sell food or drink.
  9. Trade/exhibitor stand holders are solely responsible for the safekeeping of all goods and items on their stands, including posters and banners.SW Event Services Ltd does not accept responsibility in anyway for the loss or damage to traders/exhibitors property whilst it is on the event site.
  10. Traders/exhibitors using marquees, awnings, must ensure they are mechanically sound and of good condition and appearance. They must be contained within their allocated plot and be comprehensively insured in respect of any liability to members of the public, show officials or other persons that may visit the show site.SW Event Services Ltd may require evidence of appropriate insurance before allowing traders/exhibitors access to the show site. Risk assessment for any stage or entertainment on your trade stand must be provided.
  11. Traders/exhibitors are responsible for any damages or injury whatsoever to persons or property caused themselves, their servants or agents and, in particular for any such damage arising from the use of exhibitors vehicles, display stands or other equipment.
  12. Traders/exhibitors are advised to protect themselves, by insurance, against cancellation and abandonment and/or curtailment of the event due to reasons beyond the control ofSW Event Services Ltd. They must indemnify the event organisers against any claims, damages or expense whatsoever in any way arising out of their attendance of their exhibits on the event site.
  13. Traders/exhibitors are required to supply a suitable fire extinguisher and must familiarise themselves with the fire precautions.SW Event Services Ltd reserve the right of inspection for the fire prevention officer of all stands and equipment and further to order the use of such equipment of appliances to be disconnected should they contravene regulations, unless permission is granted in writing by the event organiser before the show.
  14. SW Event Services Ltd reserves the right, at their absolute discretion, to refuse bookings without any reason being given. Submission of a completed booking form in not a guarantee that space will be made available.
  15. Traders/exhibitors are responsible for cleaning their allocated area before leaving the show ground.
  16. All vehicles that have been issued with a pass must remain within your allocated pitch. You may NOT leave and re-enter the show ground.
  17. Any trader/exhibitor that is supplying their own generator must have it kept in a secure and safe area away from the general public.
  18. SW Event Services Ltd reserves the right to at their absolute discretion, to move or relocate any trader/exhibitor on the day should this be deemed necessary.
  19. SW Event Services Ltd revere the right to evict anyone from the site who is deemed to be in breach of the conditions of booking, or who deemed to be acting in a manor detrimental to the event and to other persons at the event.
  20. No persons will be allowed to use a motorised vehicle on the racecourse grounds i.e. Mini motors, Scooters and Quads etc.
  21. The applying of company’s names and trademarks on goods or supplying goods without authorisation or consent is an offence under the Trade Description Act 1986. Traders must comply with all legislation.SW Event Services Ltd will not be held responsible if any trader is found to be in breach of the above.

Despite the organisers taking all responsible precautions, unavoidable accidents can happen. In respect of this you are present at your own risk.

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